Our Quality Policy

  • Having always aimed to keep customer satisfaction at maximum level by pursuing quality production since 2016, İbisus Engineering’s quality policy comprises the following values;

  • Not to compromise quality at any stage from production to shipment.

  • To ensure continuity in customer satisfaction through procurement and improvement of our Quality Management System and its standard requirements.

  • Provide regular trainings to our employees to improve the continuity of quality awareness and the competence of our employees.

  • Facilitate quality improvements by recording all our production processes.

  • Guide our sector by leading and guiding the sector to obtain the necessary certificates produce in compliance with international standards.

  • Increase our competitiveness and profitability by aligning the organizational culture with quality management.

  • Encourage our Establish a relationship based on cooperation, trust, and feedback through encouragement of our suppliers’ participation in our quality system.

  • Be open to any notifications coming from our customers, provide solutions impartially, and maintain control over any related information through the adoption of principles of accessibility, confidentiality, and reliability without compromising our values.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Our employees are our most valuable resource. It is our priority to ensure their occupational health and safety and prevent possible occupational accidents. Therefore, we meticulously fulfill all the legal requirements to prepare a healthy and safe work environment for our employees.

  • Our employees have a big share in ensuring the continuity of our OHS system, which foresees continuous development. With our regular trainings, we both raise awareness of our employees and aim to have ‘zero job accident’ by eliminating potential risks.

  • We work with all our power to become an exemplary organization with our OHS applications.

Our Environmental Policy

  • Eco-friendly IBISUS does and will do its best for a healthy world and society.

  • Environmental protection is ensured by the ever evolving and transparent “Environmental Management System”, and the Environmental Management System is implemented as a societal duty beyond legal obligations.

  • Consequently, IBISUS has adopted the following values as environmental policy;

  • To use our natural resources in the most efficient way and reduce the consumption of natural resources,

  • Keep all relevant activities under control to reduce environmental pollution,

  • Save energy and reduce energy consumption,

  • Reduce the amount of scrap and waste and facilitate their recycling (in applicable areas),

  • Offer continuous trainings to employees for the formation of environmental consciousness,

  • Control all related activities to avoid damage to biodiversity and ecosystem,

  • Ensure continuous improvement by setting sustainable and achievable environmental goals,

  • Achieve 100% compliance with legal requirements,

  • Use the most appropriate technologies through the pursuit of the evolving environmental protection systems.

  • We know that the understanding of a clean workplace will bring a livable world and society.


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